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      Reshipment & Refund

      Reshipment & Refund

      ·Please keep in mind that there will be around 3% - 5% packages will get shipments problems such as broken during shipment, wrong items sent, items not as described, wrong shipping/un-deliverable address, dishonest claims, lost by post office.
      ·In case of issues list above, please kindly take pictures or videos of the damage or defect along with a clear description of the problem, and preferred action: reshipment, refund or take credit.
      ·Please contact Artsadd Customer Support Teams with full evidence, we will strive the best to make it right. As soon as evidence verified by us, Reshipment & Refund can be arranged within 24 hours.
      ·Any claims for after-sale issues such as misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 30 days after the product is received. We won’t offer a full refund or exchange for orders delivery over 1 month. For exchange, you need to pay the shipping fee to return and resend.

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